4 Steps Solution To Life-Time Enduring Achievements and Accomplishments

Achievements and accomplishments

Achievements or accomplishments are the attainments of ones desire or a particular set goal.

Somebody defines insanity as doing things in the same way and be expecting different result.

To be among achievers there are some steps to follow.

Step #1: Enough is Enough
Enough is enough. If you are not happy, change it!

Don’t wait for the sun to shine brighter. Don’t wait for the next summer to come.

Jim Rohn met a powerful lady who never went to any college or university and out of curiosity, he asked..

“How did you get here? Big income!”

“Well, let me tell you part of the scenario”, she replied.

“When I was a young mother a few years ago, one day I asked my husband for $10 and he said.. ‘What for?'”?

She then continued..

“Before that day was over, I decided I would never ever ask again..”

“I started studying opportunity, took the classes and put myself through the school. I am now the vice president and make a lot of money.”

“I kept my promise.. I never ever had to ask again”.

This is called the life-changing day – enough is enough.

Step #2: Make A Decision
Decide where you want to be in 5-10 years from now.

Do you want to be like the lady who never had to ask again?
Do you want to be a loving person who will not be angered by small little things?
Do you want to contributing to the society without asking almost everyone around you for donation?
Do you want to be a famous travel vlogger on YouTube?

Make that decision today

Step #3: Happily Go Through the Journey
You’ve set a goal and you want to achieve it. However, in reality, 70% of the time things will not go according to your plan.

When things don’t go your way, don’t give up.

Allow me to encourage you to go through the process.

There will be disappointments. There will be sadness. There will be frustrations.

There will also be happiness, excitement and sense of achievement.

Welcome all of them!

Don’t miss the precious moments of your kids growing up simply because you want to build a business the next 5-10 years.

You may even be cheated by some people. Suppliers who accepted your payment but never delivered the goods. Your family members who didn’t agree with your decision to pursue your dream.

Go through the journey because at the end of the way, these are the things that make you who you will be in the future.

Step #4: Don’t Give Up!
Giving up is easy.

Yes, you heard it. Giving up is really easy. You just need to give everything up and walk away.

However, only those who endure till the end get to enjoy what the rest don’t.

A mother will always say, “My baby will keep falling down until she walks!”.

Likewise, you will keep on fighting the battle until you succeed in life.

Here are also 7 things you must stop doing from now on,
so you can start living your best life ever…

Everyone wants to attain happiness and success, but
sometimes we don’t realize that the things we’re
doing are responsible for our disappointment.

1) Stop Resisting.

We all encounter problems and bad days, but it is how
we respond to our current situation that really matters.

Perhaps a trusted friend has betrayed you, a loved one
has passed away, or your business has experienced a
great loss.

In any of these situations, you could either accept the
situation and move on – or you could resist it and deny
the fact that it’s really happening to you.

The moment you resist, you suffer a great deal of stress
and lose your inner sense of peace because you’re
“fighting” against something beyond your control. And
you’ll never win!

What you should do is “adjust” yourself to your current
condition and learn any lessons from the experience.

Do what you can to solve or reduce the problem. But if
there’s nothing else you could do, just go with the flow
and live to fight another day.

2) Stop Dwelling In The Past And Future.

Don’t get so caught up with an incident from your past,
nor be so concerned with what the future holds for you,
that it “steals” the present moment from you.

Yes, learn from the lessons of the past. And yes,
prepare and set goals for your future.

But live in the present moment and make the most of it!
If you’re talking to someone, talk to him like he’s the
most valuable person in the world at that moment. If
you’re playing with your kids, live their childhood and
be “one” of them.

Do stuff like they’re the most important things to
accomplish at that time.

Fully immerse yourself and focus at what you’re doing in
the present, and your life will become so much better
every single day!

3) Stop Letting Others Tell You What To Do.

Your parents, relatives and friends may have the best
intentions; but they will never know what truly makes
you feel happy and fulfilled.

So if they said you should do or become something “for
your own good” or because they only want “what’s best
for you”, thank them for caring so much about you…
but listen to your heart and do what it says. Only
then will your life be filled with meaning and purpose.

4) Stop Getting More Stuff.

Simplify your life. You only need to keep 2 types of
things – those that you need and those that grow in
value. Give away the rest of your stuff.

Don’t keep on accumulating (or worse, buying) things
for the sake of using them “some day.” That “some day”
may never come.

The less things you have to manage, the more in control
you’ll feel and the less stressed you’ll be.

5) Stop Persisting (If It’s Not Working).
Many quotes acknowledge the power of persistence,
but it’s not applicable in all cases. Why?
Because never giving up on something that doesn’t
work is simply stupid! If you keep on doing the
same thing, you will always get the same result.
So if it’s not working, stop doing it and think of
another way.
If it fails again, then try something else. Don’t
stop changing and improving until you eventually
get the result you’re looking for!
Now that is true persistence.
6) Stop Whining.
Complaining will only bring more of what you’re
whining about into your life. So stop complaining
and look for the positive side in everything.
Even a negative event can be beneficial – you’ll
learn valuable lessons from the experience and
become stronger in character.
Appreciate every blessing (even the most minor
ones you could think of) – the sunshine, the air
you breathe, the food you eat, the people you
love, etc.
Practice gratitude at every moment and you’ll soon
find complaining a thing of the past.
7) Stop Wasting Time.
You can judge the quality of a person’s life by
the way he spends his time. Every second of your
life is important, so use it wisely.
Read books and/or listen to audios for at least
30 minutes a day, on any topic of your choice,
and you’d become an expert on that field in just
a few years!
Do you often find yourself lining up in long
queues? Use that time wisely by reading! If you
feel uncomfortable doing it, download an ebook
or audio on your mobile phone and read/listen
while waiting.
Do you spend hours driving? Bring some audio CDs
before you hit the road and listen while you drive.
Transform your car into a learning machine!
Other meaningful ways to use your time include:
– Pursuing your passion.
– Spending quality time and developing
relationships with people.
– Making a contribution to society.
– Exploring different places, cultures, food,
experiences, etc.
– Any other activities that you’d cherish and
never regret doing when you’re on your deathbed.
On the other hand, you should avoid doing (or
limit your time on) these things:
– Watching TV.
– Gossiping or talking about other people’s lives.
– Playing video games.
– Browsing Facebook for hours.
– Any other things that you’d regret doing when
you’re on your deathbed.
If you’re currently feeling unhappy, unfulfilled,
or even depressed… go through the items above
and see if any of them is causing it.
I wish you good success in your pursuit!
Abiodun Odeyemi
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