Buy Prepaid Electricity Bills Online- Anytime, Day or Night

Buy prepaid electricity bills online

Now you can buy prepaid electricity bills online day or night 24/7 with our secured, automated system. Signing up is easy and takes about 5-10 minutes.

You can pay as low as #100 by credit card through our customer portal,
You can as well be making cash from this by buying for others

You can now buy prepaid electricity bills online anywhere in Nigeria Lagos, Kaduna, Benin, Abuja, + other Nigeria cities.
How to Buy Nepa Token Online in 3 Steps

Use your cell phone, tablet, or desktop for pay as you go electric. It’s the best way to buy prepaid electricity!
Are you having the challenge on how to buy prepaid electricity bills online?

Follow these four steps:
How To Buy Prepaid Electricity Bills Online
Step 1
Register on
Step 2
Fund your wallet through your credit card i.e ATM Card
Step 3
Click on Pay Electricity Bill on the dashboard.
Then enter your prepaid meter number
Step 4
Verify the prepaid number, if it brings out your name or the person to load for correctly
Then Click on Proceed
You can as well contact us or send whatsapp on 08164713876

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