Discover the Secret of Easy ways to Make Money Legitimately both Online and Offline Just with What You Have Right Now



Are you dreaming of financial freedom?
Does your income below your monthly expenditure or you need more money to meet your compiling bills?
Are you feeling ashamed because of your present financial status?
Are you unemployed or underemployed?

Are you looking for how to make money from home?
If your answer to any of this question is yes, you have to do something. What are you to do?
Firstly, change your thinking mentality about money.
Secondly, seek more information about how to make money. You see money is not the paper (naira or dollar) you hold in your hands but the reward for meeting other people’s needs. It is the ideas in your mind that you can turn to something visible or tangible.
Thirdly, have creative ideas that is marketable. You see , money is not the paper (naira or dollar) you hold in your hands but the reward for meeting other people’s needs.It is the ideas in your mind that you turn to something visible. You don’t have money problem but ideas to turn to tangible which money you need.

You see, when you meet people’s needs, wealth will surely flow to you. That is why I want to bring to you this special step by step information package on how to get your needs met by meeting the need of people and smile to bank.

What you need is practical money skills,which this article is all about.That is you need to be equipped with real practical money skills which you can’t be taught in school.

Dear friend, this section you are reading right now is a “financial dynamite’’ that will shatter every poverty and lack in your life. Do you know that information is power? Poverty thrives in the presence of ignorance- lack of right information.

Therefore, my singular aim and passion is to equip you with the “weapon” of the right information to “fight” poverty.

Now listen to this:


This sounds strange to you, but, it is the blunt truth. What you don’t know is the reason why you have not made the money to build that house; buy that exotic car; travel with your family for luxurious vacations abroad; start that business etc.



Please I want you to stay “glued” to all you are reading and digest every money making  information that will be revealed here. Because after reading this piece, the „ eye‟ of your understanding will be opened to a business opportunity that will certainly make you a multimillionaire before the ending of this year 2016 What you don’t know, to you is a secret! But the truth is that t to make money is easy when you know this little secret. And what is this secret?

“People give you money when you give them value”

What is value then?

Value is anything that solves a problem or meets a need.

You see, the easiest way to make money is to meet people’s needs which are numerous.

Products- tangible goods or intangible services are embodiments of values. In other words products are purchased to solve problems or help to meet needs. Look at these:

You buy a car to meet your transportation need.

You rent a house to meet your shelter need.

You buy food to meet your hunger need.

You pay for a seminar to meet your information need, the list is endless.


What problem do you want to solve in the market place?

What do have to sell? Why do you think people will give you money if you don’t  give them value?

Now hear this!


If you are the type that is not comfortable with the word “selling” and you want to legitimately make money or start your personal business, you are probably living in a “fool’s paradise”. That is the truth! BUT, WHAT DO I TO SELL?

The answer to the above question is the reason for this article.

The answer is right inside you which is sell what you have. Maybe you say you don’t have anything.

Look within and you will discover you have many things.

You have talents and gifts. Can you speak? You also have mind to think.

As I said just look within and around you and very soon you will forget poverty in your life.

Hello dear friend….

Financial freedom belongs to each and every one of us  but we can not have it if we do nothing to achieve it

There will come a time when the fulfillment of the purpose of God for your life will become a matter of dollars and naira. If you are not financially empowered for your destiny,no matter how great the vision is, it will lead to frustration. Nobody fulfills his or her destiny empty-handed.
There will come a time that your vision will require money.

The principle of financial freedom is that you must discover how to increase your value so you can be financially free.
To achieve financial freedom, there are only a few basic steps you need to reach your goals.  But it always surprises me how many people don’t use these basic steps to create financial success over their lifetime.
In fact, majority of people tend to ignore one or more of these basic steps.
This ends up frustrating the process of becoming financially free.
You may be one of those people . But hey, you weren’t born with the innate knowledge that you need not  to be financially free.
Building wealth and creating financial success in your life takes time . It’s a life long marathon that you have to continually work through, even when you hit a wall, which happens to all of us at one time or another.
Also, you have to know what your definition of financial freedom is. Is it becoming so wealthy that your diamonds are encrusted with more diamonds? Is it being able to have enough money to live a comfortable life in your later years? Or maybe it’s to be independently wealthy enough so you can dedicate your life to serving others in some way.
How you define financial freedom is up to you, but you must have at least some idea of the end game of what financial
Freedom means to you in order to reach that goal someday.
I had a chat with a very wealthy man recently and he said something very striking “when my friends were busy buying expensive cars, wristwatches, changing their wardrobes, going on vacations abroad, built luxury houses they live in…. Charles I was putting aside those little cash for investment, today I have multiple rental apartments and businesses across the globe but they don’t. I can buy whatever I desire because my asset is paying the bills but they can’t do same. I was called money miss road, a stingy man at that time while they enjoyed their riches.

Today most of them live like peasants, others are still looking for one appointment, contracts or political offices to join but I don’t. Am currently enjoying financial & time freedom”.

My questions for you goes thus:

1. What are you doing now to ensure your life takes a new turn in the next few months?
2. Do you love what you do?
3. If you continue doing what you currently do can you achieve financial freedom in the next 5 years?

Financial freedom means the SYSTEM you have setup or plugged in is generating enough to take care of your expenses in multiples of 5 minimum.

How bad do you want freedom?

Its been proven there are 5 wheels that guarantees financial freedom. On the list,  network marketing is the easiest that can take you to the top if you actively get involved.

Never envy people for their liabilities but rather, envy them for their asset. To be wealthy requires wisdom………Learnt it!

I want to introduce to an organization which can help you achieve this financial freedom.

This organization is called helping hands international.

This is money making organization were other life is being affected through you. This organization is a less privilege organization were we as help partners raise funds for this organization to carry out charity work in different parts of the country, and at the end of the day, percentage is paid to us as help partners, And other benefits/Incentives.

Now what the organization request from us is to register minimum of two people to this organization, and your two also duplicate themselves, as everyone keep duplicating themselves, you get paid as the network grows.

Now the networking aspect of this is for us to raise funds for this organization so other life that are less privilege, parents who can’t afford to paid for there children school fee, homeless children widows, orphanage home, etc.

Scriptures says he who give to the poor lend to God. So everyone who consider to be there associate partners across Nigeria give to the poor in one way or the other. Your 6,600 as a registration fee serves as donation to this NGO. By so doing you’ve blessed someone out there with your money.

At the end H2i also bless you back with load of 💰💰💰💰💰, and there Incentives/benefits, Such as Hyundai elantra, IPad, Laptops, and so on., Get yourself register Today and Live the life of your dream. Because H2i believe live is to be enjoyed, rather than been endure!!

I remain committed to your success!

Join me let’s build financial freedom through a viable system and it pays. In H2i we don’t know recession.

To know more on this call,text or whatsapp 08164713876


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