Discover The Secret of Real Wealth and Abundant Riches In Nigeria

Secret of wealth and abundant riches

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Discover The Secret of Real Wealth and Abundant Riches In Nigeria

Secret of wealth and abundant riches

Empty Pocket is not the Problem, it is empty mind and lack of creativity

Do you really think it is lack of money or limited resources that is stopping you from starting your dream business, build your new house or complete that project you have started for years and ultimately living the kind of life you desire?

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My friend, I want to tell you politely that it is not true.
It is because your mind is poor and lack creativity.

When the size of pocket is small , our first area of focus should be the mind. Pastor Sunday Adelaja

The beginning of any great achievement in life is desire not mere wishing ,then follow by vision. A wise man said “where there is vision there will be provision.”

You see ,for you to break the yoke of poverty in your life, my friend the secret is to invest in your mind first.

Read books on business, marketing, entrepreneur, management etc and acquire necessary skills.

Your pocket might be empty today, but if your mind is filled up, then you are not poor. It is just a matter of time before your filled mind will cause your pocket to be filled up.

When I am talking about filled mind or getting your mind filled up with the right information, I am not talking about school education, or going to get a university degree.

That is not in any way bad, but that is not what will give you the right information that will raise you above
poverty. What do I mean by that? College education alone is not enough to make anyone rich.

You need financial knowledge. That is what your mind needs to be filled with. You need to know the laws of money in order to know how money works.

N100k in your bank account won’t make you wealthy..
Neither will N500k..
Nor N3M.. not even N10m
The only way to be rich is to have something that produces cash for you.. but.
It’s divorced from your time.

If you only make money by exchanging your time for money..
You’ll have to work till you die.

No man can work and earn enough money to become rich no matter how much he earns as a salary per month. This is because there is a limit to how much work he can put in every day and he stops earning as soon as he stops working.

Now, this is the secret. To become rich you much be able to learn how to leverage on

1. Other people’s time
2. Other people’s experience
3. Technology

Also, you much be able to increase your value and earning power..
So every time you see an opportunity to increase your value..
What do I mean?
You see value..

Is what you uniquely bring to the table.

How do you make someone else’s life easier..better.. etc

Doctors are valuable because they save lives..

Software engineers/programmers because they make programs that make things easier..
What you can do..
That’s why..
They are paid so well…
(In better countries).
What can you uniquely do?
What problems can you solve?
How do you
Make people money.. happy.. or save them.. time.. effort.. shame.. stress.. pain..make life more comfortable for others
Remember.. value is determined by the market..
Market = you and I
If you have to spend money to buy a course..

Go for training?
Go for seminars?
Do it..

These things increase your value.

Because your “value” isn’t just what you know and can do..

It’s also who.. you know..

Remember when you had 100k?

Didn’t it finish?

This one you’re holding will also finish..

Holding cash.. won’t make you wealthy..

Buying assets will.

And contrary to what you may have heard..

The greatest asset isn’t real estate or stocks or even crypto..

It’s your mind..

If you feed it with the right information

It has the ability to 1Mx

Educate yourself..


Practice what you read..

And share your experience along the way..

Become insanely good at what you do i.e be an expert

Learn how to write..
how to code..

Or create content.

Learn how to sell.. market.. negotiate..

But importantly
Learn how to learn.

This is how we would all win
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I wish you great success in your life pursuit!
Abiodun Odeyemi
CEO-Information and Creativity of Today

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