How to be Free from Diseases and Sicknesses

9k=Dear reader , in this article , I want to take you back to the initial plans of God for man. In the book of Genesis it was recorded that  God look at everything He created and He said they were all good( including you). It was  after the fell of man that the good turn to bad. Oh what a pity for man! It was from then man has been experiencing of kinds of catatrophics ranging from sickness to diseases  like headache , diabetics ,heart failure , liver damage ,coma (state of unconsciousness) etc just to mention few.

But I have good news for you , no matter what may be the state of your health right now, things can be changed  if can following some simple steps . May I tell you  ,this world is govern by principles or laws. There are in opreation supernatural,natural,physical laws but we are only concern with basics supernatural and majorly natural laws here for now.  May be you are asking what does laws have to do with my health?  I want to tell you that for you enjoy your life on this earth you must not despise laws. You must aligne your  life with both supernatural and natural laws that are godly.

These are some the laws:

  • Law of sowing and reaping which says whatsoever  you sow you will reap. You may ask how does this applicable to my health? Let me buttress my point with holy bible. In spite that God was taking care of children of Israel , He still told them to dig hole to cover there faeces. Why did He has to tell them this ,would He has all power to make them how  live healthy? Yes He has because He is Almighty God but He is God of principles and He wouldn’t want His children to be principles breakers and be expecting sound health. The point I am making is that ,don’t live your life anyhow and be expecting good health. If live or eat you well, you will live well and if you do otherwise you will reap the consequence as well ,that is truth.
  • Be diligent to study yourself. Study your own body system and stop comparing yourself with another person. Like for me, if I eat late in the night especially heavy food like eba, pounded yam,it normally affect me the  following day, that is me ,study yourself.
  • Let there be interval between meals. Some people are fond of eating just the way it comes ,this is bad eating habit, if you want to enjoy your health ,you have to change. Normally minimum of two hours must be between full meal, while 30 minutes is expected between fruits and meal. taking after eating is wrong , it is better to take fruits thirty minutes before eating or two hours after meal. Also avoid taking snack in between two hours of eating for proper digestion and to reduce toxic in your body which is the cause of many sicknesses and diseases we are experiencing today. In essence, read, study and seek more knowledge about how to live healthy and apply all you learn and discover. Do visit this site as well to discover more knowledge about healthy living.
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