The New You!


“As he thinketh in his heart so he —-”

Dear friend, do you know that you posses a great resources which you can tap to live a fulfilled life? Yes great reservoir that can catapult you to utmost height in life you are dreaming about. The great reservoir I am talking about is you Mind.

Dear friend ,money is very important to achieve ones dream and live a fulfilled life but money is not everything, you need to know how make use of the power of mind. It is good you are prayerful, so I am. But what are you thinking in your heart? You are praying for good things, a fulfilled life but are you not thinking about bad things about yourself in your heart?

May I tell you friend, if you want things to change

In your life, change your thought, think about yourself no matter may be the circumstances around you. There is a law operating in this universe it is called law attraction. It says like attract like. What this means is that, if think positive about yourself you will attract positive things and people to your life. But if are thinking negative you will also attract negative  things and circumstances like sicknesses, misfortunes and all kinds of catastrophic into your life. The new you is about to evolve just practice what you discovered here and very soon you will realize you dream of healthy and wealthy man or woman, it is just a matter of time.

I can see a new you already! You will get there.

I wish you a fulfilled life!

Abiodun Odeyemi.

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