How to Get the Best from Your Food

images(4)How to Get the Best from your Food

Eating Delicious food and putting a lot of ingredients in your food to make it palatable is not enough but getting the best you desire. That is why I consider it to let you know principles and the rules associated with the food we eat day in day out. In order to live a healthy life,it is important you take note of the following rules so as to allow the food you eat to work in its natural form and not to avoid reacting negatively in your system. May I tell you that many sicknesses and diseases we do experience are from our abnormal way of eating. I believe by following all these recommended rules you will start to experience changes in your health.

Rule 1

Always be mindful of the wholesomeness of food combination.

In order to avoid toxin in the system it is advisable to regard to the rules of food combination.

Rule 2

If you are not hungry , don’t eat:


When you are sick, the secretion of the digestive juices will not be adequate and if you eat heavy food it will make your body to be full of toxic which will limit the ability of your body from healing itself that is many of us always depend on drugs before recover from sickness many time. But may tell, there is inbuilt in everybody the capacity for the body to heal itself but will limit by our ignorance and depend on drugs. The fact , let you food be your drug and your drug your food.

Rule 4

Do not eat when you are under physical or mental tension:

If the body or the mind is exhausted or under tension, the secretion of digestive juices will be reduced.


Do not eat or drink anything that is too hot or cold:

Ideally the temperature of any food should be 37’C (98.6’F), the temperature of the body, the enzymes in the mouth and stomach act best at such temperatures.

Rule 5

Chew your food well:

Thorough chewing mixes saliva with the food makes digestion starts off in mouth immediately and facilitate the action of enzymes present in the the saliva. More so, well-chewed food is easily digested.

Rule 6

Avoid drinking water with meals:

Water requires only 10 mins to be absorbed from the stomach , and in the process it carries the enzymes away.

This reduces the efficiency of the digestive system. It is advisable to drink water fifteen minutes before eating , half an hour after taking fruits, and two hours after full meal.

Rule 7

Avoid over eating:

Over eating is always harmful! It makes one lethargic and dull. They that overeat seem to live for eating , and not to eat for living. To keep healthy ,it is advisable to remain slightly hungry.

Rule 8

Rest for a while after meals:

The blood vessels of the stomach dilate just after meals. This stimulates the secretion of enzymes , and thus helps digestion.

Rule 9

Practice water therapy

Always take water immediately you wake up in the morning. This helps your body to be refreshed and also cleanse your blood from toxin. It really work , please practice it and see will the dramatic effect on your health.

Rule 10

Have regular time for sleeping and give your body rest.

If you can practice all these recommended rules and principles , very soon you will experience changes in your health.

I wish you healthy life!


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