Improve Your Energy- Level, Get Healthier, and Enjoy Your Life to its Fullest using this Proven Ultimate Guides for Your Health

Stay Healthy and Enjoy your Life

Improve Your Energy- Level, Get Healthier, and Enjoy Your Life to its Fullest using this Proven Ultimate Guides
Health is wealth so they but its take knowledge to be healthy.So take your health serious and don’t live it on chance.

Health is wealth so they say, but it is a pity today how many are experiencing serious health challenges with a lot of pains because they are ignorance of principles of healthy living. That is why I consider it necessary to put together all the principles that many are practicing and they are enjoying their health which I believe, if you also practice you will enjoy your health as well.

Dear reader, in this book, I will like to take you back to the initial plans of God for man. In the book of Genesis it was recorded that God look at everything He created and He said they were all good ( including you). It was after the fall of man that the good turn to bad. Oh what a pity for man! It was from then man has been experiencing of kinds of catastrophic ranging from sickness to diseases  like headache , diabetes ,heart failure , liver damage ,coma (state of unconsciousness) etc just to mention few.

But I have good news for you, no matter what maybe the state of your health right now, things can be changed if you can follow some simple steps and guides. May I tell you, this world is governed by principles or laws. There are in operation supernatural, natural, physical laws but we are only concern with basics supernatural and majorly natural laws here for now.  May be you are asking what does laws have to do with my health?  I want to tell you that, for you to enjoy your life on this earth you must not despise laws. You must align your life with both supernatural and natural laws that are godly. Now let me quickly highlight the laws and principles.

Laws And Principles For Healthy Living


These are some the laws and principles:

  • Law of sowing and reaping which says whatsoever you sow you will reap. You may ask how does this applicable to my health? Let me buttress my point with holy bible. In spite that God was taking care of children of Israel , He still told them to dig hole to cover up there fasces. Why did He has to tell them this, wouldn’t He has all power to make them live healthy? Yes He has because He is Almighty God but He is God of principles and He wouldn’t want His children to be principles breakers and be expecting sound health. The point I am making is that, don’t live your life anyhow or to chance and be expecting good health. If you live well or eat you well, you will live well and if you do otherwise you will reap the consequence as well, that is the truth!
  • Be diligent to study yourself. Study your own body system and stop comparing yourself with another person. Like for me, if I eat late in the night especially heavy food like eba, pounded yam, it normally affect me the following day, that is me ,study yourself.
  • Let there be interval between meals. Some people are fond of eating just the way it comes, this is bad eating habit, if you want to enjoy your health, you have to change. Normally minimum of two hours must be between full meal, while 30 minutes is expected between fruits and meal. Taking fruits immediately after eating is wrong, it is better to take fruits thirty minutes before eating or two hours after meal. Also avoid taking snacks in between two hours of eating for proper digestion and to reduce toxins in your body system which is the cause of many sicknesses and diseases many are experiencing today.

                Foods that Damage the Body

Processed foods, fake foods and food products,
particularly white flour.
Irradiated and microwaved foods.
Pasteurized foods and foods that are processed using
high heat.
Meats, eggs and seafoods from “factory farms.”
Genetically modified foods.
Sugar and all forms of it, including a high consumption
of fruits, honey, molasses, substitute, and fake sugars,
Man-made vegetable oils and fats, except extra virgin
olive oil, and all products containing them.
Soy and soybean-based foods, supplements and products.
Table salt.
Grains, nuts, seeds and legumes that have not been
properly prepared, and including all products containing
High carbohydrate diets.
Diets that do not contain adequate amounts of protein
from meats, eggs and seafoods.
Low natural fat diets.

Foods that Heal the Body

Saturated Fats Are Vital To Your Health
In order for all of the body’s cells to be healthy, their membranes must be constructed out of 50% saturated fat, and some cells, like those in the lungs, require 100% saturated
Mary G. Enig, PhD, states in her article Saturated Fats and the Lungs: “When people consume a lot of partially hydrogenated fats and oils, the trans fatty acids are put into
the phospholipids [fats] where the body normally wants to have saturated fatty acids and the lungs may not work effectively.”

Protein & Fats Are Critical To Your Health

Proteins and nature-made fats are the two most important foods required by humans, and they are the easiest foods to digest,assimilate and use for energy compared to carbohydrates. In fact humans can maintain perfect health without eating carbohydrates of any kind.

Minerals, the Building Blocks of Health
Minerals are vital for every single function carried out by the body, and even though some are only required in minute amounts, called trace minerals, they are very important, as
noted by Sally Fallon in Nourishing Traditions:

“These [minerals] are needed only in minute amounts, but their absence results in many disease conditions.

There are seven (7) macrominerals required by the body in
amounts of 200mg or more per day:
chloride – contained in ocean sea salt
sodium – contained in ocean sea salt
phosphorus – found in all meats and eggs
potassium – found in meats, eggs and vegetables
sulphur – found in eggs, meats, lemons,garlic and many
other foods.

Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil is another healthy saturated fat that contains many beneficial properties. The fat in coconut oil is easily digested and absorbed, unlike the man-made fats or oils that
act just like plastic in the body.

It puts very little strain on the digestive system and provides a quick source of energy necessary to promote healing.
Here are some other very interesting facts about Coconut Oil:
1. Supports immune system function.
2. Supplies important nutrients necessary for good health.
3. Improves digestion and the absorption of nutrients from proteins and carbohydrates.
4. Reduces our need for Vitamin E.
5. It is a powerful antioxidant (helps the body get rid of
toxins and heavy metals).
6. It can be used on the skin to restore and repair it, and
to moisturize it.
7. It can be used as a hair conditioner. It softens the
hair, conditions the scalp and controls dandruff or
cradle cap (caused by yeast/candida overgrowth).
8. Its antiseptic fatty acids help to prevent fungal and bacterial infections when it is consumed or applied to the skin.
9. It is the biggest chemical barrier to infectious organisms is the acid layer on the skin. This is why sweat and the oil produced on our skin are good for us.
Taking fewer showers and baths is advisable because it allows the skin to build up natural oils, which forms a good acidic protective barrier, and also helps the skin make vitamin D when exposed to the sun.Soap washes off the protective layer of oil and acid on our skin. After a shower or bath apply coconut oil to the entire body to quickly re-establish the skin’s natural antimicrobial and acid barrier.
10. It helps reduce chronic skin inflammation, i.e. rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, etc.
11. It soothes and heals. Buy a good quality coconut oil that is:
Cold- or Expeller- pressed.


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