Learn How To Become DStv Super Dealer in Nigeria

How To Become Dstv Super Dealer

Who is A Dstv Super Dealer or Agent?

Dstv super dealer or agent is a trained individual that can  represent multichoice in his/her location. He is aperson who specializes on providing a new subscribed customers with all support they can get for the service.



DSTV Super Dealers
  • The Wholesalers who sell DSTV materials to sub-agents and sometimes users.
  • The individuals who organize training installation programs for potential sub-agents.
  • The individuals who supervise technical installations and repairs carried out by DSTV trained experts.

What to know how to become dstv super dealer in Nigeria?

Read now to learn about all the necessary requirements you need to be a qualified one


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These are the some the Requirements To Become Dstv  Super Dealer in Nigeria

Number requirement is capital. Like every lucrative business is very important as we all know.

Dstv super dealer or agent requires some amount of money to be pumped into it before it can kick off. These are the two approaches you can consider:

  • Start off your business as a DSTV dealer
  • Test the waters by starting off as a DSTV sub-agent.


The first option would have to be considered if you have enough money to invest as the capital for the business. Otherwise, the second option will be good for you.

Another important requirement to become qualified is training.

Firstly, in order register to become accredited one, you have to download a registration form from the dstv website (https://www.dstv.co.za/self-service/).

Once you complete the form , send it to company email shown on that link.

After that to begin your training, you have to pay franchise fee which gives you access to the required steps and a material to become dstv super dealer.

Training involves:


  • A technical training course held by Multichoice
  • A formal assessment exam to test the applicant’s knowledge and skills.









The Need for Super Agents/Dealers

As a Super Dealer/Agent, you are trained fill in the supply gap in areas where DSTV offices are not located. Your are to act on behalf of the pay TV company in registering new subscribers and providing any technical assistance that may arise to new subscribers. You are considered the face of the company in the event that a business deal is to be strucureed.


Location of Agents

Location is also an important factor to be considered .

DSTV Agents or Dealers are normally located in both large cities and towns. This is because these areas are where the customers population is considerably high. So as a DSTV Agent, you are most likely to reside within a town or a big city as these areas are where the big business is located.


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